Fans Speak

Praise for Mary Poppins

…I was in the audience at Arleigh Burke Long Term Care when the Mini Musicals on the Move® group performed Mary Poppins. Yesterday’s group was terrific and the whole facility was there enjoying the show. What a great idea – music is really powerful therapy.

 I found myself singing along even when we were not supposed to, and my daughter ranked it as a tie with seeing Aladdin on Broadway.   Nathan Crowe

We had a lovely time. I was really impressed by how good the production was and how talented the performers!  Ruth Futrovsky

We wanted to thank you so much for sharing the gift of music with us last night. I’ve heard refrains echoing through the halls.  The reviews were excellent! What a wonderful art form.  — Inwood House

Thank you for bringing Mary Poppins to us!!!  —  Bedford Court Senior Living

And for our other shows!

 You can’t imagine the praise heaped on the Guys and Dolls performance at KP today.  According to several KP “old-timers” this was the best musical performance at KP in the last two years!  The sing-a-long and pianist were well received. Interesting that there were guesses re whether or not it was an amateur or professional group! I enjoyed it as well and KP would probably be glad to have a return engagement!

A highly entertaining one-hour treatment of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! brought a standing ovation from a delighted Westchester audience…….In its own way, this production of Oklahoma! was as good as any of the Broadway summer stock I grew up with at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in upstate New York. The performers were engaging and believable in their roles; the music was by turns rousing and heartfelt; the audience was smiling, swaying, toe-tapping—and at special moments invited to sing along—to some all-time favorites…    Excerpt from the Westchester Matters

This was, indeed, a marvelous evening for the residents at Springvale Terrace!….. I thought I was on Broadway! They were superb, and left no stone unturned to completely satisfy us residents! The applause throughout, & the chants, yells and bravos of approval speaks well to the success of the program, and the satisfaction of the residents!

The performers created a close rapport with the audience.

I loved the whole thing. It was wonderful!

Your voices are lovely!

 I liked everything! I really enjoyed listening to those beautiful voices!

I was so happy listening so beautiful program. I loved everybody’s participation.

It was marvelous from beginning to end.

…..The blending of such superior voices was almost as good as the Broadway show itself, seen many years ago.  The idea of having the audience join in was exceptional and gave us all an invested part of the performance…I will spread the word to others I know in hopes you can brighten their evenings as well.
Phyllis Beek
Washington D.C.

Thank you for taking time to come perform at Christ House! The Guys and Dolls performance is one of the best we’ve had in my year here! We’d love to schedule another one!
Chris Tansey
Patient Activities Coordinator, Christ House 

Thanks again for the wonderful time Monday. Can you let everyone know the residents really appreciated it. We’d love to have you back again!
                                                                                 Amy Sullivan
                                                                                 Activities Director, Ring House
                                                                                Charles E. Smith Life Communities

Here are some of the places Mini-Musicals on the Move® has performed recently:

Landow House
A Charles E. Smith Life Community

1799 E Jefferson St, Rockville, MD 20852

Ring House
A Charles E. Smith Life Community

1801 E Jefferson St, Rockville, MD 20852

The Jefferson
A Sunrise Senior Living Community
900 North Taylor Street Arlington, VA 22203 

The Westchester
4000 Cathedral Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016

West Mount Vernon Place Park concert series
Baltimore, Maryland

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